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Sep. 21st, 2018


amanda seyfried in "fathers and daughters" (570)

amanda seyfried
fathers and daughters
(570 icons)

this film was...something! )

[info]bottledskies in [info]pb_updates

david morrissey in "extant"

Set: David Morrissey : 450
Details: Male : White : Brown/Grey : Blue : 50's
Link: Here!

Sep. 20th, 2018

[info]devilbear in [info]pb_updates

Luke Perry in Riverdale

Set: Luke Perry : 330
Details: male : white : brunette : brown(?) : 40s/50s
Link: LINK @ [info]empireants


Random question

Does anyone do manips with lightsabers?

Sep. 19th, 2018

[info]backstreets in [info]pb_updates


Set: Damon J Gillespie: 129
Details: Male : Mixed : Brown : Hazel : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]devilbear in [info]pb_updates

Madelaine Petsch in Riverdale 2x21 & 2x22

Set: Madelaine Petsch : 308
Details: female : white : red : light brown : 20s (10s-passing)
Link: 108 from 2x21 and 200 from 2x22 @ [info]empireants


david morrissey in "extant" (450)

david morrissey
extant, season 2
(450 icons)

apparently i'm super into the middle-aged david thing rn )

[info]devilbear in [info]pb_updates

William H. Macy

Set: William H. Macy : 46
Details: male : white : dark blonde/lightish brunette : green(?) : 50s/60s
Link: LINK @ [info]empireants

Sep. 18th, 2018


layouts and things

Hello friends! I've had a lot of free time lately and an urge to make pretty things, sooooo I'm tentatively making an offer: if anyone wants me to make a basic layout for them, I have time and I'll put something together for you for free! Not like I'm a CSS genius who made these basic layouts myself, credit goes to a bunch of different people, but I have time to mess around with fonts/effects and backgrounds and fun stuff like that, and it's good practice for me.

For examples of what I'm offering, see below:
[info]blackemporium, [info]flamer, [info]charm, [info]gutted, [info]opportunite, [info]lifelike

If you want any specific theme, background, tiny icon, font, or lyrics, lmk! Otherwise I'll just take liberties to do something that I think fits your character.

[info]devilbear in [info]pb_updates

Jensen Ackles (Young)

Set: Jensen Ackles : 192 (22 gif, 170 static)
Details: male : white : brunette : green : 10s/20s
Link: LINK @ [info]empireants

Sep. 17th, 2018

[info]padme in [info]pb_updates

Keegan-Michael Key

Set: Keegan-Michael Key : 322
Details: male : biracial : bald : brown : 40s
Link: LINK (flocked)

[info]oslo in [info]pb_updates

Set: Henry Cavill: 460
Details: male: white: brown/black: blue: 30s
Character Suggestions: DC: Clark Kent/Superman
Link: LINK


Layout: Intersectional

image preview: left sidebar | image preview: right sidebar | [info]tess058

Layout + Guide + Info )


- Post ten characters a day in each game.
- Do my Hayley app by the 23rd.
- Update icons to get them off the laptop


I’m late but whatever I want to do this! No older than ~disorder because my memory is terrible.


Sep. 16th, 2018

[info]chaosbydesign in [info]pb_updates

Set: Renee Olstead : 120
Details: Female : White : Red/Blonde : Blue : 20s/30s
Link: LINK

Sep. 15th, 2018


icons: peaky blinders, source code, vikings, poldark

posted some old icons on hollow-art in case someone happened to need them. credit this account or the other one, thanks!

( 196 ) Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby in BBC's Peaky Blinders.

✦ ( the soft lines from the streetlights fall the same on my face )

( 129 ) Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens in Source Code (2011).

✦ ( how can I try to be civilized when inside there is a shift in paradigm )

( 184) Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha in the History Channel's Vikings.

✦ ( guess I'm gonna find another ride guess I'll see you in another life )

( 196 ) Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark in BBC's Poldark.

✦ ( is all of my time wasted on you trying to teach me a lesson )

[info]ocarina in [info]pb_updates

Set: Michael B. Jordan: 155
Details: M : Black : Black : Brown : 20s, 30s
Link: LINK

[info]ocarina in [info]pb_updates

Set: Jonathan Van Ness : 155
Details: M : White : Brown : Brown : 30s
Link: LINK

[info]ocarina in [info]pb_updates

Set: Melissa Barrera : 518
Details: F : Hispanic : Brown : Brown : 20s
Link: LINK

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